telling someone about yourself

I. Introduction:

The Most common Interview question asked in an HR Interview- Telling someone about yourself. Indeed, It is the question asked in many instances of life. We always say that the first impression is the best impression, Introducing yourself in the best manner can take you to step further in the recruitment process.

I have tried to get into what employers love to hear from the interviewees’.I have read books, articles and taken from expert opinion from the employers and student who has attended the interviews. First of all, we need to understand why interviewer asks this question-Tell me about yourself.

Icebreaker question – Telling someone about yourself , is the most popular and widely used by almost all the interviewers. Firstly, It helps to get organized and get ready with everything before they start. It gives them ample to get clear of thier thoughts of previous interviewee to avoid the recent affect. Finally, the interviewee will feel comfortable and get out of thier nervousness.

Once we have a clear idea of what employer’s intention behind asking such questions. We can plan ahead with structuring our answer. There is no hard and soft rule on how to answer this question. But, Providing right answer in a right tone with utmost confidence makes a big difference in an interview. Ultimately, What answer will impress the interviewer is the prime motto to study.

Telling someone about yourself
Most Asked Question- Tell me about yourself

As a training and placement officer, I have taken many Mock interviews and HR Interview for company I worked with. I found almost 90% interviewees give vague, unclear, confused and lengthy irrelevant answer to this question. I wonder why students attending interviews unable to answer confidently, such a simple and common question. Then I have realized either it is because of thier lack of preparation or nervousness.

I asked the interviewees about what was the problem while “Telling someone about yourself”, Answers were

  • All of a sudden ( Unstructured interview)
  • I didn’t Prepare – I thought I know how to answer
  • I was confident but I didn’t know where to start and what to include
  • I thought I was going right, landed somewhere which I didn’t want to
  • I did perfect – but, Interviewer didn’t like my answer. and many more…

Now, I asked the same question to the interviewer and myself, what do we expect from the interviewee.

  • Level of confidence of the Candidate.
  • Ability to deal with the unstructured question.
  • Clarity and fluency of their language.
  • How he/she did in the previous job or college and how was her interaction.
  • What are his/her priorities?
  • Ability to handle problems in various situations.
  • How passionate the candidate is?

Telling someone about yourself – Let us see what should we avoid:

Answer should be simple, clear and elegant in nature without any unnecessary inclusions that can hinder your performance during interview. Keeping it short and simple should be our main intention. Moreover, including all the points which can impress the interviewer in a shorter span of time.

Things to avoid:

  1. Too Personal things which is inappropriate to include
  2. Family related information (Optional)
  3. Things which just eats up the time – Irrelevant points
  4. Dull and hazy answer – with poor body language.
  5. Answer with few sentences without proper connection or using no transition words
  6. Poor eye contact.
  7. Dragging the answer just to kill the time.
  8. Not maintaining the pitch or tone while answering.
  9. Grammar mistakes
  10. Don’t sound like others – Similar kind of answers usually given by others.
Telling someone about yourself
Inforgraphic on Telling someone about yourself

Telling someone about yourself – Let us see what should we include:

Now, We have a clear picture of what is expected from you as an interviewee and what are the things we should avoid while answering the question. Let us now look at what are the things which we can include in order to make our answer impressive, clear and simple in nature.

Things to include:

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  1. Information is precise and worth it. Job seekers must go through this platform and jot down new points, do a regular SWOT analysis which would eventually pave the way for one’s Success.

    1. Author

      Thank you, These keeps me going and I appreciate your contribution that adds extra value to my work. As Vinay said SWOT creates new opportunities to work on and keep you ahead of the crowd.

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