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I am back with an article – Resume Format for freshers that most of you’ll find it so easy, impressive and confident with it.

I am Mohammed Thousif, author of the Knowhowpedia congratulate you all who have passed your final exams and making a move towards fulfilling your dreams. Now, It is time to get into this world of fierce job competition. Job Searching is a systematic process and need preparation before we get into it.

Why don’t I get interview calls?

There are numerous reasons for not getting calls. Among them, Ineffective resume could be the reason in many cases.

Resume Format for freshers
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I thought I may help you with preparing your resume, cover letter, self-introduction, and Interview skills. I have come across many resumes copied from others or with many mistakes.  I also found some resumes are well formatted and proofread, but more like an essay  to read.

Remember one thing that your resume reaches your employer before you and it talks some many things about you. It is such an important piece of document which can change your fate. But,we are careless in preparing it. We spend almost 18 years of education to get a dream job in a reputed organization. When the time comes to prepare your resume we don’t even bother about it.

Resume decides whether you may be called or not for an interview and your performance decides whether you may get a job or not. So, let’s work religiously on developing a resume which impresses the employers as they have only 30 secs to 1 min to go through it.

Resume format for freshers
Infographic on Resume Writing format

Resume Format for freshers

Don’t be nervous, Be smart and be prepared. I am writing this for fresher, who are in desperate need of help in preparation of resume.

Section A: Contact Information

This is an important section where employer looks at your contact information and Application Tracking system also recognizes your contact details from this section. It is not recommended to add your personal contact information in the Header or Footer section as it will not be tracked by the system. The Contact information should be aligned to the left and the name should be in larger font size.

This section should include the following

  • Name:  Clearly mention your First Name and Last Name (Optional Middle Name in a larger font size.
  • Contact Address (Optional)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address (Email must be a professional one which may include your name)
  • Online presence (Video resume on YouTube or portfolio on a blog)
  • Linkedin Profile.





LinkedIn:  Profile ID

YouTube: if you have a video profile about yourself

Section B: Career Objective

This is one of the prime areas to work on as all the employers would like to know your main objective. It gives an employer a picture of what you are up to and how you can be useful for them. A Carefully drafted career objective increases the weight of the resume. But, unfortunately, most of the students ignore the importance.


  • Analyze yourself and your passion and what kind of career you are looking ahead.
  • Write few Career objectives and see which one actually talks about you
  • Get it proofread
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Don’t use pronouns such as I, I am,  I would like… etc..


  • Do not copy/paste from other resumes
  • Do not write something which you are not, just to impress the employer.
  • Do not make spelling or Grammar mistakes.
  • Do not write a lengthy career objective.


Ex 1: To obtain a job in a reputed company that will utilize my capabilities and require my potential in the disposal of my responsibility.

Ex 2: To make use of my extensive knowledge and skills and synergize with the organization to focus on, and achieve, the long-term goals that have been put into place

Ex 3: As a fresher to enhance my leadership, Financial Acumen and exposure in various projects related to finance.

Section C: Education Qualifications

As a fresher, We need to highlight our education from the recent to the past. Most of Jobs has certain education qualifications as the entry requirement with percentage or division. It is important to list all the qualification such as PG, UG, Inter, and SSC. You can have a tabular format or a list format of the following details

Course: Start with the most recent i.e.  PG (Include Specialization) or UG and lastly SSC/Xth. It is recommended not to write short forms

College Name, Place:  the college from where you completed the course and its location.

Board/University: Board (State/Central) from which state or University.

Grade/Division/Percentage: Mention exact percentage and verify it with your credentials.

Year of Passing: (Optional)  Employers want to know if you have any gap during your education


M.COM  XYZ PG College, Hyderabad    Osmania University     79%    2011

Section D: Projects, skills and Certifications

1. Projects ( include these four for every project you write in your resume)

Mini Project 1 Title:

Mini Project 1 Description: Two/three sentences about its objectives

Role in Mini Project:  Ex: Designer, Analyst or Programmer

Duration of the Project:

(If you have more than one mini projects you have undergone, kindly mention the other here in the above format)

Major Project 1 Title:

Major Project 1 Description: Two/three sentences about its objectives

Role in Major Project: Ex: Designer, Analyst or Programmer

Duration of the Project:

2. Technical Proficiency

If you possess any skills which may be used at the workplace mention them with the level of proficiency

Microsoft Office
Tally- Accounting Package Intermediate
Salesforce Beginner
Advanced Excel Intermediate
3. Certifications /Workshops/Conferences:

As a student, you may have completed some certifications, attended some workshop/ Conferences. Include them if they are relevant to the job.


Certification/workshop      Organized by                     Month/Year   

Certificate in Marketing    Chartered Marketing   XX/XXXX          

The two-day workshop on Salesforce   Salesforce                   XX/XXXX         

Section E: References (Optional)

Mobile & Email:  
  Mobile & Email:  

Section F: Declaration

I, ___________________, do hereby declare that all the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


PLACE :                                                                                                                               


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