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In this Section,” Message from the author knowhowpedia“, I would like to inform you the passion for upbringing the rural sections, where training and education are not affordable. Moreover, Those who are in need of information and those who have fears that they cannot compete with society. First of all, I am extremely delightful and glad that you are here today. Further, learning things in simple, easy to understand and apply them in your daily life.

In light of the above, I, Mohammed Thousif has started this website, Facebook page, Linkedin, Pinterest and YouTube Channel with a name my favorite name “KnowHowPedia”. In order to decide whether I should create an online website took me longer than any decision. Since, I am already into personality development, Academic writing and Teaching various study groups for past 10 years, I have taken a step ahead.

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.”
Roy T. Bennett,

Honestly speaking, I had a fight within myself – Whether yes or No?. But, I went with the ‘Yes’ and I am here today speaking you through my words. I would like to share all my experiences and the ways of dealing with it. Moreover, I will present you with simple tips and tricks which can change the entire life. remember, Its just a moment, which can make a big difference.

Therefore, I am very thankful to this Internet and wonderful WordPress platform for making the entire website development easy and fun. In addition, Host4geeks for making hosting a simple and easy experience for me. In the past, with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that i possess have made a real difference in other’s life. Hence, I will definitely be a part of your life too to bring a positive change through this blog.

Comparatively, We neither had mentors/coach for guidance, counseling, support and nor community groups to discuss and share the things. But, The generation today has Internet and many tools such as knowhowpedia that can guide them like a Mentor through various topics related to your life, education, and career advancement.

Summing up, Knowhowpedia can’t reach its goal until it gets your immense support, time and efforts. It believes that collaborative progression is the best way of working towards the future. Thus, Joining hands with you will prove to be fruitful. Knowhowpedia want to be part of your journey in achieving your goals. The Message from the author knowhowpedia is to be connected with us.

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
Albert Einstein


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  1. This blog is very useful, informative and a must for students who aspire to be successful professionals in Management and Technical arena.
    Thanks Thouseef Sir

    1. Author

      Thank you so much, I wish the needy gets benefitted.

    2. Thank you sir this page is very helpful to improve skills freshers aspire to be successful professional management and technical arena

      Thank you thouseef sir♥️♥️

      1. Thank you so much sir , I just want to share my personal experience with know how pedia … actually am define know how pedia like a leader..but according to my point of view I just share leader vs the boss.

        The boss drives his men
        The leader inspires them.
        The boss depends on authority
        The leader depends on good will.
        The boss invokes fear
        The leader radiates love.
        The boss says I
        But the leader says WE.
        The boss shows who is wrong
        The leadrer says what is wrong.
        The boss knows how it is done
        The leader says how to do it.
        The boss demands respect
        The leader commands respect.
        So be a leader, not a boss
        Finaly know how pedia. To improve and Chang to students mindset and also mentioned what is career how to improve skills and life style,and how to communicate with other. It’s very useful every common person.
        Thank you know how pedia.

  2. Thank you sir.
    This page helps alot to improve skills for the fresher’s who are seeking for the job to grab the knowledge.

    1. This is a plat form where, we can learn the key skills and the necessities that are required to perform better during interviews. It is one of the new idea through which many can get information and knowledge about the present requisites of different companies….

  3. Thank you Sir. It is very useful to freshers. And very helpful to learning interpersonal skills and communication skills.

  4. Excellent site i have seen so far , which is holding all required skills for a fresher .. you are doing great job sir ..

  5. This is very useful site to all the freshers…to improve our skils and knowledge and .. it is like a our best friend because a good frnd tells what is right and what is wrong and what you do….. it is also tells same like that,what we have to do, to reach our goals for the successful feature..
    Thank you….

  6. Greetings of the day..
    As the name indicates “knowhowpedia”
    Know- understand ,Grasp.
    How- in what manner.
    Pedia- relating to learning
    Which means that understand ,how learning will work to success,
    Understand the things in different.
    It’s a platform where we have an opportunity to enhance our skills by sitting in the desired location because it is always available with us in Google.
    I really surprised by look at the articles of success mantra (ACID), important steps of job seaking,JAM, interpersonal skills,Top 5 skills …etc,. This are very helpful to the persons who is looking for jobs..
    Hope most of the people including me gaining lot of knowledge in the span of month..
    This blog is tremendously useful because which would help in achieving peak performance or boost performance..
    Thank you to the Mr.Toushif sir for all yours efforts putting it together to help us.
    Thank you so much sir.. wishing you a great success ahead..

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