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5 Useful tips for Job Seekers and Freshers

5 Useful tips for Job Seekers and Freshers which helps them to be confident in the turbulance of Job Market. This tips help them to adhere to the plan to achieve the goal and also encourage or motivate us to

Huh! A great sign of relief as we are approaching towards monsoon.

Hot sun and Humid temperature kept us home arrested. Now, it’s time to get out of comfort to find a job, keep yourself motivated and alert till you get that dream come true. I know it is hard for us to be enthusiastic and energetic throughout the day. But, It is the need of the hour to combat your negative thoughts.

Hey! I Just wanted to share some tips to keep you going all the day. I can’t call them techniques, but simple things which can keep us rejuvenating in the hard times of the day.

I discovered this myself during my job hunting days and found it worthy to incorporate in our lives.

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Here We Go

5S Secrets to Successful career, I can also put it as 5 simple tips for keeping you motivated. I call it “5S” in order to remember and implement.

5 Useful tips for Job Seekers and Freshers- Start
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1.The first and formest tip, out of 5 Useful tips for Job Seekers and Freshers is starting early in the morning. I know we all love to be getting up and I am sure you too. The warm comfort of the bed, cozy feeling and soothing mind free of thoughts ask you to stay more. It’s natural that your mind gives answers all the questions – what if’s and finally convince you that sleep is the most important thing at that time.

Am I right?

Yes, I am not saying that the world’s top ten millionaires start early in the morning. But, I want you to think that the early hours of the day are crucial for anybody. It is time to spend in the most productive areas of life. It could be anything which keeps you alert, active and energetic throughout the day. Fill your morning hours with some physical exercise – Walking, Yoga, Meditation or even going to a gym. You do different activities every day so that you won’t get bored. Once you are done with it, make an action plan of the day. I don’t mean to say take a diary and write, just fix mentally to do certain productive actions during the day. It seems very simple right, but it takes lots of determination to practice. Once all set, nothing can stop you doing it.


5 Useful tips for Job Seekers and Freshers- set
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2. of 5 Useful tips for Job Seekers and FreshersWe all have set our long term goals and some of us working for it too. I am sure some of them still have no clarity about what kind of job or career they want to be in. I want you to think once, Either life controls your actions or you have control on actions in your life. The Answer you get gives you a clear picture of how hard you are working towards your goals. You may feel burdened if you think about your long term goals.

I wish you break it down into smaller day-wise objectives and accomplish them without postponing them further. I am sure you will see a great progress and momentum towards your dream job.


I don’t know, how desperate are you to make your dream come true. It is not about learning some subjects, reading books or spending time on the internet applying to jobs different portals. It is about you, the one within you who tells directs your actions. How much he/she wants that dream career. How religiously and heartfully you are putting your efforts in the direction of your dream.

How much you give importance to your goal or get away easily with daily routine works. Submerge yourself. Live in it till you get it. It is always easy to say but hard to walk the way you want. Keep going and keep loving the hurdles and face it.


3. Third useful tip for the job seekers and fresh graduates is to schedule your day Since childhood, we make schedules and stick on the fridge or cupboard and never follow it. We replace it with the new one again and convince my mind that we are on schedule. Honestly speaking, Schedule without seriousness is just as good as a piece of old newspaper. Keep space for fun, entertainment and family in your schedule and make it interesting to follow. But, It is important to follow it.

It reminds me about my own job hunting days, I was worrying rather than thinking about the job. I had days where I never had proper food and rest. I sometimes think about why I didn’t do what I am doing now. It is just because of lack of guidance, counseling, and support. I want you to prepare a day sheet with to-do tasks giving priority to all the things which you love to do and at the same time for the dream job you wanted to see yourself in the future.


4. Fourth being stiving hard until you reach your goal and be consistent.We all think we are smart and we know the shortcuts to get everything we want. Remember one thing there is no shortcut to success. It is your rigorous hard work, determination, and consistent actions that can bring you results. No one has become a billionaire overnight, It is their struggle and passion towards their dream. You may have a question, even the labor work hard 12 hours a day, under the hot sun and late nights. Here, I mean to say working hard – physically, mentally and emotionally towards your goal attainment.

I sometimes wonder when people talk about the results, not the hard work put in to get that results. Nothing is easy, Nothing is simple, Nothing is ready-made – We are sculptors of our own destiny. I wish we stop blaming and rectifying the mistakes. See your dream closely as it is just there waiting, it is your hard work and consistency which takes you there.


5.Success is a great accomplishment. You can be successful one day or you may be on the way closer to your destination. When you become successful, people may see you as an example. Job hunting is always a rough journey to a great mansion – JOB.

Good luck, I hope you will follow the above and get fruitful results from the actions .These will bring closer to your destination and It encourages you to be motivated and committed during your journey to the your dream job

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