Introduction – 5 Common fears of fresher/ Fresh graudate job aspirant

I am Mohammed Thousif, Author of knowhowpedia.com. I am unveiling the facts of the fear that the students/ fresh job seekers face during their job hunting in this post “5 Common Fears of Fresh Graduates”. I am very confident that most of them go through this situation. Some of them find support from their friends and family to combat and some just give up their passion end up doing something which they never wanted to do. Such decisions can ruin their career by making it difficult to change career path, lack of interest in the job, lack of self-confidence.

Common fear of a fresh graduate
Common fears of a fresher

we get those dreams we dreamt during our college days and we feel, “I wish I would have taken the right step”.

In fact, you will be feeling like I am talking about you while reading this blog. It’s never too late to change and challenge ourselves and find a way to deal with these common fears and get into the job which you love to be.

Types of Fears – Fresh Graudate aspiring for Job

Fear #1 – I am not ready yet

Yes, the most common fear fresh graduates face is fear of job readiness. Even though we have the best score in our academics, there is one thing keeps on running in our minds. Firstly, How am I going to use these at the workplace and Secondly, Do I have enough English speaking skills tackling day to day work activities.

Finally, I decided to learn again. Some decide they can’t do the job and attend coaching centers to learn more. Some do say I am good at everything but, I can’t do what organization’s needs. What if, they ask me to this… What if, they ask me to do that… Better, Let me learn before I attend interviews or look for a job.

Fear 1- Not ready yet - fear of the graduate
Am I ready yet ?

Honestly speaking, We do have all that organization needs. If we don’t start getting out there apply, either it will be too late and no organization wants you or you will lose interest in the job

Remember, No one is perfect in this world and even this fact is known by all the employers. The job or business will teach you more than institutes or coaching centers. All you need is a bit of courage, preparation and an urge to get a job.

I have interacted with many students and found that those who have attended an interview with confidence with some knowledge have cleared it and others who have the best percentages in their academic with less confidence has failed.

When someone shares their bad experience about their interview, Just learn from it and never think that the same experience you may have too. Everyone has a different interview experience so, don’t worry about it.

“Simple Formula  —   J (Job) = having a C (Confidence) X  some ASK (Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge) related to the Job role”. �

Fear #2 – Getting out of the comfort zone

I don’t know where will I stay, how do I travel to work and it may not be as comfortable as my home. I may have to face others with different languages or cultures. I don’t know and I very confused about whether I should go for a job or not. I don’t want to see myself in trouble and leave every comfort which I have now. I am from a town and its difficult for me to face the modern world. I may be insulted by others for my dressing, language or culture.

Remember, the Corporate world is open for all and have stringent policies to protect every one of us. There are awesome people out there who want to take the extra mile to train and support. People have respect for others and their culture. If you want to make a real difference in your life, come out of your comfort zone and try for new things. I am pretty sure soon you will adjust to the new environment and you will start loving your new job or a new place. You will become an inspiration to many others who see the world in the same way.

Fear #3 – is it a right job for me?

Is it right job for me - one of the common fear

Most of the fresh graduates are in mere confusion while applying for a job that,  they are opting for is the right job. In this current scenario, there are numerous jobs and as a fresher, you can start with an internship/related job.

First of all, It is important for fresh graduates to acquaint themselves with the job environment, i.e., responsibility, working conditions, working with different people, work ethics and conditions of the job market. This is only possible when you start and get into the market. Sitting behind and looking for the right job straight away, sometimes can put you away from even getting a job.

It is recommended to apply for an internship/job during your final semester and prepare yourself for the challenges of tomorrow.

Most of the fresh graduates waste their crucial time, i.e., finishing time rather than utilizing them for polishing their skills, attending the seminar, workshops and developing their soft skills to be part of the competition.

  • Work on your Major projects seriously.
  • Attend job interviews.
  • Read relevant or interesting job descriptions and company information
  • Nurture your soft skills.
  • Prepare a good resume.
  • Build networking through social media and professional contacts.
  • Create your profiles on job portals

Fear #4 – Should I spend money again on courses.

Spend money on studies- another fear of graduate

I have been approached by many students for a suggestion regarding courses after their final semester. It is not a wrong idea of counseling but, where do you stand in terms of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats analysis and explain the same to your mentor or guide for suggestions.

I won’t say spending on courses is wrong as long as you are in the right hands for training job-specific skills. There are so many institutes out there who teach nothing or something irrelevant to the job. It is important to choose the right course either online or offline depending on your circumstances.

Don’t fear to spend on yourself as long as it brings you closer to your job. Suggestions: Ask students or seniors who have completed the course. Find on the internet about the institute. As your guides suggest you the right course. Figure out, what are you interested in.


Fear #5 –  Fear of high competition

Fear of high competition- biggest fear of the freshers
Picture from Pixel.com

When I asked students, why didn’t you apply for so and so job? The Answer was they are incapable to face the competition from other college students or people who applied were a lot better than them.

I am not sure why we put ourselves in such a situation – I call it self-demotivation. You are not the person to judge yourself, let them decide whether you are suitable for their job. In many cases, I saw students cleared all rounds when they said they are not suitable at all. It is important for all of us to keep up the morale and fight the battle and I am sure you will win.


“Everyone has something unique and it is the time to show up your unique competencies”.

Competition is a part and parcel of life without which you won’t feel proud when you win. See your strengths and other’s weakness, not vice versa. Hightlight your strengths in your resume and interview.

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