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Why – Best Job Search Android Apps

I am glad to bring it to you a useful article on “5 Best Job search app for Android devices”. In this fast-paced world, it is too hard to dedicate time to spend on the computer and search for the job or sitting in an internet cafĂ© applying for the job. Thanks to Google for having android apps on play store that our job searching process is on our fingertips.

Most of us carry smartphones and tabs with the internet these days. Surprisingly, the free time having a cup of coffee or in a break time utilizing it for browsing through various job search engines and apply for the job.

Initially, the article discusses the popular job search android apps and later the important precaution to be taken during the job hunting process through apps.

5 – best Job search app for android

1. Job Search App -Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries and Reviews:

An Andriod App developed by Glassdoor Inc for job seekers and simplified the job searching process. It is an all in one platform with Lastest jobs, salaries and genuine reviews by the employees. It gives the job seeker, access to complete job listing with the profiles of the organization. The beauty of this app is it brings company reviews and salary reports. Most of the freshers get into the companies without knowing anything about them.

Why Glassdoor:

Most of the freshers are mainly concerned about getting the job rather the details of the company. But, trust me getting a first wrong job can cost a lot on your career. You need to do extensive research about the company rather than going by the location, look and feel of the office, interview process, etc.

Glassdoor is one of the trustworthy portals, I have come across which gives you the right picture about the job and the organization. For further details, you can research on Internet or download their app from the play store by clicking the image. As of now, the app has 4.5 ratings with 138k reviews.

Glassdoor Andriod App
Glassdoor Andriod App

2. Job Search App- Linkedin Lite

LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking platforms. Further, It has more than just jobs as it keeps you update with the latest technology, trends in the job market. Linkedin has two apps on play store namely, Linkedin Jobs, Professional profile, and Networking and a lighter version Linkedin lite- Easy job search and networking. It is lighter, simpler and faster to access. In addition, The most attractive thing about this application helps you build your network and be in touch with them. At the same time, it makes the job hunting process so easy through their easy apply option.

Why Linkedin Lite:

I recommend students to create an account and build your professional network. In relation to job search, Networking is a very important tool for getting a job in your area of domain. In addition to the above, Job aspirants have an opportunity to read the latest Job-related articles published by the experts. In order to download, Visit Playstore and type Linkedin and LinkedIn lite based on your convinience.

Note: Try to give all the required details as it helps you to link up with people having similar taste, area of study or job.

LinkedIn app
Linkedn job Search app on your Android App

3. Job Search App – Indeed Job Search

Next, I came across the world best job search application by Indeed Jobs which has 4.3 user rating 863k positive reviews. According to Indeed Jobs, It is the world’s number one job search engine with more than 250 million job seekers and 16 million jobs. It allows you to find jobs in 60 countries and in 16 different languages.

Why Indeed Job Search:

Indeed job android app uses your device GPS to find jobs near you. It has all kinds of jobs such as full time, part time, freelance, contract, and internships. I have recommended many students to use this and found a job of their choice. It is simple and easy to load job search engine and helps you through the entire journey of job hunting from search to apply. from search to apply.

Indeed job search
Indeed Job Search App

4. Shine.com Job Search

Another valuable job search application developed by Shine.com which has 4.2 rating from 117k user reviews. Shine Job Search application has a special feature called Careerplus help in developing your skills through online courses, certifications and trainings which adds value to your resume.

Job listing includes jobs from various sectors including banking and BPO. Job postings are from major companies like eBay, SanDisk, Motorola, Infosys. GE, Wipro, and many more.

Why Shine.com Job Search:

Users are suggested with relevant jobs based on thier location, interest, domain and Industry type and send daily alerts to your mailbox. You also have an opportuinity to know you application status either it has been reviewed or not. Currently, as per the information, they have more than 2+ lakhs jobs listed on thier database. I would like you register and upload your resume in pdf or word format and keep applying for the jobs.df or word format and keep applying for the jobs.

Best Job search app for andriod
Click the above image to download – Shine Job Search

5. Naukri.com Job Search

Finally, Naukri.com job search which is very popular for its name Naukri. It offers you access to job listing which includes jobs from top companies, PSUs and Government sector. It has around 40 lakhs jobseekers. It has 791k reviews with 4.5 ratings by the users. Click the link to download the app and apply for the jobs on naukri.com.

Naukri Job Search
Click the above image to download – Naukri Job Search

Job Searching – Important points to remember

  • Do not blindly trust on job related mail which you see in your inbox. You must check its genuinity with others who are experienced.
  • Do not upload fake information on the job portals.
  • Do not any online or offline payment for the jobs. There may be services offered by these apps which are chargeable but no platform sell jobs.
  • If you get a call from anybody stating your profile has been selected and you need to pay some amount or undergo paid training, Say NO and alert others.
  • Do not disclose confidential information to others.


I hope you like the article 5 Best Job search app for andriod. I tried my best to give you the full idea about the app and these are very user friendly.We easily trust anyone during the Job searching process as we are in desperate need of job. Kindly, be cautious as there are so much fraud involved. I request you to have second opinion on every step you take and land in safe job. Companies dont involve in selling jobs for money, there are no such kind called backdoor. Don’t get fooled by the people and pay hard owned money. Start your job even in a small company which is safe, secure and willing to develop.

Soon, I will be writing a blog

6 frauds – An alarm to all job seekers/ freshers.

Thank you very much

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