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Good Morning readers, I am here to unveil the top 4 skills that’ll get you a job when you graduate. First of all, I am glad that you are here today as I am going to take you through the 4 basic skills which add value to your resume. In addition, Job aspirants who rigorously practice such skills, keep them among the top-notch graduates in the market.

A. State of Anxiety, fear, and confusion

Job searching is a journey with lots of questions in mind. Therefore, this phase is full of confusion, fear, and anxiety with unclear vision. Honestly speaking, If we don’t have better planning, we don’t know where are we going and where we will end up on this journey. Apart from the above, the feeling of frustration and the sleepless nights worrying about the job with millions of negative thoughts keep us down. We are unsure of the fact that this world may accept us or not with the skills i have.

Even though, Aspirants with top credits are unable to fetch a job in this competition. In fact, the rejection is not because of the high percentages but, because of their skills required to perform a job.

After thorough research, The study mantra of 80-20 (subject 80% and skills 20%) has no impact on getting a job. These young graduates are unable to meet the expectations of the recruiters. Unfortunately, Our education system in colleges and universities still gives utmost importance to the subject rather their overall development of the candidate. Everybody’s race is for the maximum marks on the mark sheet instead of learning soft skills. Thus, There is a huge gap between the expectations of the employers and skills possessed by the job aspirants.

Keeping the above in mind, It is important to discuss the basic skills required to perform any job in the market. Hence, I thought of writing a brief article on 4 must have skills for any job aspirant or a fresh graduate looking for a job. It is just an illusion that the subject matters than the skill in a job. Colleges are misleading the students and keeping them away from these. Especially in Telangana, Marks are the marketing funda for the colleges and ranks keep them top in the race. Thus, they keep the student’s career on the stake for thier own goals.

Truely speaking, Aspirants with excellent soft skills with a little subject knowledge outperforms in an interview compared to the one with top marks without skills.

B. 4 basic skills to get a job – a brief discussion

The top 4 skills that’ll get you a job when you graduates:

  • Networking Skills ( Buiilding professional network)
  • Communication Skills ( Verbal and Non-Verbal)
  • Technical or Domain skills ( Be an expert your area of specialisation)
  • Interpersonal skills ( Leadership, Proble-solving, etc.)

# Networking Skills

Most of the fresh graduates are too busy either in WhatsApp or Instagram posting videos, pictures or chatting with their friends. I have observed students busy on their phones during a seminar. But, Have you ever thought that it is important to build your professional network along with your other stuff.

, we love to stick to the friends around us for years and years and lose professional grip. We hesitate to talk to others and love to live in our comfort zone. Socializing or networking play a significant role in our professional life. I personally recommend you to keep your phone book up to date with contacts of managers, consultants, professors, and other important people who can show you a way ahead.

The best way to connect to the people with the same interest is to create a profile on LinkedIn. I wish you sign up and complete the profile.

Next, I recommend you to build a habit of communicating with people who visit your college for the purpose of guest lectures, seminars, project guidance, External examiners and other college students, etc. In your free time, get their advice and be in touch with them. Majority of the students who study abroad or premier institution tries to build their strong professional network since the inception of the course.

Refer the below article to know the best application for andriod device for building professional network

must have Communication skills for job
Communication skills -The top 4 skills that’ll get you a job when you graduate, Picture from


Skills #2 Communication skills:

The word communication is misunderstood by many students. Most of them consider communication as English language skills. Communication is just the way to express your ideas and feelings through a channel either it may be your mother tongue or any other language. As long as you can express your views in a simple and clear manner and understood by the listener.

Yes, It is true that most of the companies look for English-speaking graduates. Neither I can promise as those institutes who say we teach English in 30 days nor I can say busy a spoken English book and learn English in 45 days. These all false promises, Learning English needs practice actively and communicate with others as much as you can in the English language. During the practice stage, you may commit mistakes and it doesn’t really matter.

AHH! English —– Subject + verb +………………. something, I can’t remember. Forget all this, just speak and get corrected by someone who knows it. Don’t learn the definitions of the noun, pronouns, etc. You will end up knowing all the grammar and unable to communicate. Don’t try to make sentences in the head then speak. I highly recommend you to practice every day, learn some vocabulary and read as much as you can in English. One day it will be fine-tuned and you will become an expert in the language.


  • Stop buying books —30 days to learn English.
  • Stop spending money in institutes who promise that you can learn English in 30 to 90 days.
  • Stop using your mother tongue and try to speak in English wherever possible
  • Stop making sentences in the head and speak.


  • Start building your vocabulary (I will post on Know how to build your vocabulary).
  • Start talking to your friends and teachers in English, Do not worry about the mistake you make.
  • Start listening to videos on YouTube.
  • Start downloading English conversation apps such as utter etc.
  • Put yourself a target and work on various levels – Grammar, Punctuation, making sentences, Conversations and many more…

Skill #3 -Technical skills

I split technical skills into two parts domain skills and technical skills to perform the job. Domain skills are those you learn in academics ex: Programming languages, Marketing tools, HR processes, etc. you need to be strong at various aspects of your job and how various tools and techniques are used at the workplace. Every organization has its own system of working, they give you training as long as you have the basic knowledge.

Apart from your subject knowledge, you need to have at least intermediate skills on-
Basic Internet knowledge (At least spend 4-5 hours a week on browsing various articles on trends of technology and domain area)
At least Beginners in typing in English. (Install typing-tutor and spend at least half an hour a day)
Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint (Join the basic online course on Udemy or join a nearby Institute for foundation course)
Basic terminology used in computers ( Install an app to know basic terms of computers).

Skill #4 –Interpersonal Skills

Even though you may have brilliant technical knowledge and language proficiency, without interpersonal skills you will not be able to make your mark in society. Moreover, Irrespective of which university or college you study, graduates with interpersonal skills will be absorbed by the market easily.

Therefore, I recommend you to start working collaboratively or in a team to enhance your listening, decision making, conflict resolution skills. In fact, Most of the young students are impatient and losing temper on simple things in life. Keeping yourself calm, actively listen and observe all the situations. Further, I urge students to take the leadership role during their education and practice influencing others through their talent. Undoubtedly, excellent leadership skills help you to see the situations from the different perspectives and to show the empathetic relationship with the followers.

However, It is my personal experience that students who take a lead role in various events, academics, workshops, and other activities have shown excellent skills in the interviews. thus, I want you to understand the fact that skill preparation during academics is mandatory If your college/university doesn’t create an opportunity to learn these skills


The top 4 skills that’ll get you a job when you graduate has written keeping the employer interest, skills in demand and placement success ratio. I have done interviews with many fresh graduates to come up with the list. I stay say, Preparation and practice increase your chances to get into a job and enhances your ability to work in the new environment

Try looking at alternate methods.
Soon I will be writing on “Know how to nurture your interpersonal skills”.

Thank you for reading,

Mohammed Thousif

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