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5 styles of communication

Introduction: To begin with I am Mohammed Thousif author, trainer, blogger and professor. Recently, I started a blog called with the intention of developing students and preparing them to become ready. I am glad to great support from all the student community and eminent people from both industry andContinue Reading

Leadership skills

Introduction In this article, the author emphasizes on “5 ways of building leadership skills that can be developed or nurtured during the student college or university education.” It is important to realize that “leaders are born, not made” has completely gone out of the window. Further, the idea of leadershipContinue Reading

New Job search

Introduction: Once out of the College or University, Most of the young graduates are looking for a job. There are some do find jobs easily, whereas some find it next to impossible. Whenever I face them, One common question I have to answer to give them an Idea of JobContinue Reading

Interpersonal Skills meaning, importance

Top 6 Interpersonal skills -Introduction, Meaning and Definition In this article, Top 6 Interpersonal skills discussed. Exhibiting exemplary Interpersonal skills takes you in the 10 top hiring list of the employer. They are the most essential elements to excel in the workplace. I have come across different terminologies, such asContinue Reading

telling someone about yourself

I. Introduction: The Most common Interview question asked in an HR Interview- Telling someone about yourself. Indeed, It is the question asked in many instances of life. We always say that the first impression is the best impression, Introducing yourself in the best manner can take you to step furtherContinue Reading

5 apps for job hunting

Why – Best Job Search Android Apps I am glad to bring it to you a useful article on “5 Best Job search app for Android devices”. In this fast-paced world, it is too hard to dedicate time to spend on the computer and search for the job or sitting inContinue Reading

Take action and control your life

5 Useful tips for Job Seekers and Freshers which helps them to be confident in the turbulance of Job Market. This tips help them to adhere to the plan to achieve the goal and also encourage or motivate us to Huh! A great sign of relief as we are approachingContinue Reading

Tools and Gadgets

I am back with an article – Resume Format for freshers that most of you’ll find it so easy, impressive and confident with it. I am Mohammed Thousif, author of the Knowhowpedia congratulate you all who have passed your final exams and making a move towards fulfilling your dreams. Now,Continue Reading